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Christian Tagwerker PhD

Christian Tagwerker PhD

  • Illumina MiSeq
  • Thermo Scientific Nanodrop
  • Thermo Fisher Quibit
  • Hamilton Microlab
  • Roche CoaguChek
  • Luminex C1000
  • ABBOTT Architect
  • ABBOTT i1000sr

Scientific Specialty:
Hematology, Immunology, Molecular Microbiology, Molecular Genetics, Pharmacogenetics, Toxicology, Urinalysis, Cytogenetics, Laboratory Information Systems

Domain Specialty:
Clinical Research, Bioinformatics, LIS integration, Healthcare IT Reporting Software, Process Improvement, Training, Quality, Laboratory Automation, Validation, Compliance, CAP, CLIA

Technical Expertise:
Electrophoresis, ELISA, Mass Spectrometry, NGS, PCR/qPCR, Western Blot, Sanger Sequencing, Southern Blot, Northern Blot, Lateral Flow Assay, MALDI-TOF MS, Chemiluminescence, Immunofluorescence Assay, Multiplex Immunoassay, Cloud-Based NGS Reporting Software, Westgard Rules, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Procedure development, Immunoassay

Platform Expertise:
Illumina, Roche, Luminex, Thermo, Hamilton, Abbott

San Diego, United States of America

NRCC Board Certification - Clinical Chemist
NRCC Board Certification - Clinical Toxicologist


Dr. Tagwerker is a scientist and biotechnologist with over 12 years of experience in research and development with a focus on genomics, next-generation sequencing (NGS), lab setup and automation, cloning technology, proteomics, assays and analysis. He is an expert in protein-protein interactions and modifications, as well as protein identification methods which have yielded new insights related to human cancers and disease. 

Christian manages research labs, with responsibilities including biosafety implementation (established and maintained BSL2 lab previously). He has performed metabolic engineering combined with artificial biocatalysts and high-throughput screening (HTS) and pioneered the first cloning and DNA sequencing of an intact cyanobacterial genome using the standard genetic code, an important milestone for funding related to a $300M investment in alternative energies by Exxon Mobil. His publications concerning genome cloning methods are highly accessed in peer-reviewed journals. Christian has had the honor of being selected as invited speaker at World Genome DNA Day Conference, 2013. He has pursued various cloning strategies in budding yeast combined with early DNA assembly methods (Computationally Optimized DNA Assembly, CODA). 

Work Experience

  • Laboratory Director, Alcala Pharmaceutical, 2015-present
  • Biotechnologist, Lead Scientist, Thomas Ward Group, University of Basel, 2013-2014
  • Biotechnologist and Algae Scientist, Synthetic Biology and Bioenergy Group, J. Craig Venter Institute, 2008-2012
  • Mass Spectrometry Scientist, UC Irvine, 2007-2008


Clinical Toxicologist, NRCC

Clinical Chemist Lab Director, NRCC

Clinical Genetic Molecular Biologist Scientist, C GMB S

PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UC Irvine

Master of Science, Microbiology, Leopold-Franzens Universit├Ąt Innsbruck

Candidate of Medicine, Medicine, Leopold-Franzens Universit├Ąt Innsbruck