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Diane Scaduto MS, PhD, MB (ASCP)

Diane Scaduto MS, PhD, MB (ASCP)

  • Hamilton Microlab
  • Illumina HiSeq
  • Illumina MiSeq
  • Promega Maxwell 16
  • Promega Maxwell RSC
  • QIAGEN QiaCube
  • Roche COBAS Ampliprep/Cobas Taqman
  • Tecan Freedom
  • Thermo ABI 3130
  • Thermo ABI 3500
  • Thermo ABI 3730
  • Thermo ABI 7500
  • Thermo ABI 7500 Fast
  • Thermo Fisher Ion Torrent Ion Chef
  • Thermo Fisher Ion Torrent PGM
  • Thermo Fisher Quibit
  • Thermo Scientific Nanodrop

Scientific Specialty:
Chemistry, Hematology, Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular Microbiology, Molecular Genetics, Molecular Pathology, Toxicology, Urinalysis, Infectious Disease, Blood Bank, Laboratory Information Systems

Domain Specialty:
Career Advice, Public Speaking, Healthcare Management, Clinical Research, Process Improvement, Teaching, Training, Quality, Regulatory, Laboratory Automation, Multidisciplinary Collaboration, LEAN Six Sigma, Validation, Compliance, CAP, CLIA

Technical Expertise:
Capillary Electrophoresis, Electrophoresis, ELISA, Fragment Analysis, Immunohistochemistry, NGS, PCR/qPCR, Western Blot, Sanger Sequencing, Chemiluminescence, Immunofluorescence Assay, Bacterial ID, Viral culture, Cloud-Based NGS Reporting Software, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Procedure development, Immunoassay

Platform Expertise:
Illumina, Qiagen, Roche, Thermo, Hamilton, Tecan

United States of America


Diane Scaduto is a scientific director, consultant and professor with more than 12 years of experience in the healthcare sector. Diane’s repertoire as an experienced technical lead includes a long list of technical skills which includes analytical biochemistry, molecular biology, forensic biology, tissue culture, animal training and software use. She started her health career in 2004 after making the switch from political science. In 2006, she bagged dual honors in Biochemistry and Microbiology from the California State University (LA). In 2011, she graduated Baylor College of Medicine with a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology. Six years later, she bagged a Master of Science in Pharmacy, Forensic DNA & Serology from the University of Florida.

Currently a scientific director in her capacity as a freelancer, Diane’s has a long history of working in Clinical diagnostics and supervision, cancer research, molecular biology, DNA sequencing and biotechnology. She is also a part-time adjunct professor at the Houston Community College. Diane is a licenced member of the American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP); American Society of Quality (ASQ) Lean Six Sigma; American Board of Criminalistics (ABC); and College of American Pathologists.

Diane enjoys attending network events, researching industry leaders, tracking industry trends and participating in industry discussions. She also enjoys joining in community outreaches. She has been a participant of the Houston Food Bank (2017 – Present); MD Anderson Cancer Center Children’s Art Project (2012 – 2014); Ronald McDonald House (2010-2011); Texas Children’s Art and Medicine Program (2010); among many others.



Adjunct Professor, Houston Community College,


Scientific Consultant, AlliantGroup,


Scientific Technical Lead, Houston Forensic Science Center (HFSC),


Scientific Director, Applied Diagnostics (ADX),


Research Fellow, MD Anderson Cancer Center,


Ph.D., Cell and Molecular Biology,

Baylor College of Medicine - Houston, TX

M.S., Pharmacy - Magna cum laude,

University of Florida – Gainesville, FL

Dual B.S., Biochemistry and Microbiology,

California State University, Los Angeles – Los Angeles, CA

M.P.A., Public Administration; B.A., Political Science / Minor in Chemistry,

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona – Pomona, CA