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Lee Springer PhD

Lee Springer PhD

  • ABBOTT Alinity
  • ABBOTT Architect
  • Bio-Rad VARIANT II
  • BioFire FilmArray 2.0
  • BioMerieux BacT/Alert
  • BioMerieux Vitek 2
  • BioMerieux Vitek MS
  • Cepheid GeneXpert
  • Cepheid Infinity
  • DiaSorin LIAISON XL
  • Genmark ePlex
  • Luminex VERIGENE
  • QIAGEN QiaStat
  • Roche Accu-ChekĀ® Inform II
  • Roche Accutrend Plus
  • Roche COBAS 4800
  • Roche COBAS 6800/8800
  • Roche CoaguChek
  • Roche Cobas Liat
  • Roche Cobas c 501
  • Roche cobas 4000 analyzer
  • Roche cobas 6000 analyzer
  • Siemens ADVIA
  • Siemens ADVIA Centaur
  • Siemens Atellica
  • Siemens CA-620
  • Siemens CLINITEK
  • Siemens DCA Vantage
  • Siemens Dimension
  • Siemens IRIS
  • Siemens Immulite
  • Siemens Stratus CS
  • Sysmex CS
  • Sysmex XN
  • Thermo Fisher Ion Torrent S5
  • Thermo Fisher Phadia

Scientific Specialty:
Chemistry, Hematology, Immunology, Point of Care, Urinalysis, Infectious Disease, Laboratory Information Systems, Biostatistics, Epidemiology

Domain Specialty:
Career Advice, Public Speaking, Healthcare Management, Clinical Research, Bioinformatics, LIS integration, Process Improvement, Teaching, Training, Networking, Quality, Regulatory, Smart Lab, Multidisciplinary Collaboration, LEAN Six Sigma, Validation, Calibration, Compliance, CAP, CLIA

Technical Expertise:
Lateral Flow Assay, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Procedure development, IT Test builds, Troubleshooting, Immunoassay

Platform Expertise:
Qiagen, Roche, Luminex, Thermo, Cepheid, Abbott, Genmark, BioFire, Sysmex, Siemens, Bio-Rad, DiaSorin

United States of America


Versed in clinical diagnostics, laboratory regulations and QA/QC management as well as FDA and ISO regulatory guidelines. Extensive knowledge of biostatistics, informatics and medical device trials and clinical trials. Also well versed in online teaching and learning environments as well as organizational change and development design and strategies.


-QA/QC Management

-Clinical statistical analysis

-Quantitative Research

-Laboratory diagnostic technology

-Project Management

-Clinical Trial guidelines and protocols

-Healthcare Quality Improvement

-Organizational Change and Psychology

-Online Learning Environments