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Urine Drug Testing Medications & Metabolites


This document will aid urine toxicology labs with properly linking their LIS drug library list with metabolites.

This document can serve as a guide for:

  1. >200 medications
  2. Adding medications to your LIS
  3. Linking metabolites to medications
  4. Training document-entry Team (Accessioners)
  5. Guiding Certifying Scientists
  6. Foundational document for compliance


  1. This is not a complete list of all medications from all countries
  2. Not all metabolites are included
  3. Importantly, glucuronidation and sulfation conjugation metabolites are not listed
  4. The major and minor designation for metabolites are relative to population genetics
  5. This document should not serve as guidance for billing for drug classes


Price: $200.00

File:   Urine Drug Testing Medications and Metabolites
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