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Sten Westgard

Sten Westgard

  • ABBOTT Alinity
  • ABBOTT Architect
  • ABBOTT M2000
  • ABBOTT i1000sr
  • Bio-Rad VARIANT II
  • DiaSorin LIAISON XL
  • Hologic Panther
  • Roche COBAS 4800
  • Roche COBAS 6800/8800
  • Roche Cobas c 311
  • Roche Cobas c 501
  • Roche Cobas c 502
  • Roche Cobas c 513
  • Roche Cobas c 702
  • Roche Cobas e 402
  • Roche Cobas e 411
  • Roche Cobas e 601
  • Roche Cobas e 602
  • Roche Cobas e 801
  • Roche cobas 4000 analyzer
  • Roche cobas 6000 analyzer
  • Roche cobas 8000 modular
  • Siemens ADVIA
  • Siemens ADVIA Centaur
  • Siemens Atellica
  • Siemens Dimension
  • Siemens Immulite
  • Sysmex XN

Scientific Specialty:

Domain Specialty:
Public Speaking, Teaching, Training, Quality, Regulatory, LEAN Six Sigma, Validation

Technical Expertise:
Westgard Rules, Quality Assurance, Quality Control

Platform Expertise:
Roche, Hologic, Abbott, Sysmex, Siemens, Bio-Rad, DiaSorin

Orange, United States of America


Sten Westgard is a director of technology and professor with more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare sector. His unique digital skills help him stand out as an expert in laboratory quality management. In fact, Sten’s level of expertise in the medical diagnostic field runs deep as he specialises in method validation, basic QC practices, sigma-metric analysis and QC design of analytical methods for medical laboratories. He started his professional career in 1998 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he graduated with a B.A (academic distinction) in English and History. In 2003, he completed an MS in Computer Science at Pace University (NY).

Currently the director of client services and technology at Westgard QC, a role he has held for 28 years, Sten has total mastery of the principles of efficient laboratory management. He demonstrates extensive knowledge of quality control, method validation, Six Sigma, and risk management. Sten has edited and contributed to numerous research books like The Poor Lab’s Guide to the Regulations and Nothing but the Truth about Quality. He also co-edited publications such as the 2015 and 2017 issues of Clinical in Laboratory Medicine and a special issue of Biochemica Medica (2018)

Sten administers online training in basic QC practices and basic method validation to the clinical lab science program at Mayo School of Health Sciences (Rochester), in his capacity as adjunct faculty member. He is also an adjunct faculty member of the University of Alexandria (Egypt); an adjunct visiting faculty member of Manipal University (Mangalore, India). In 2017, Sten was an honorary visiting professor at Jiao Tong University (Shanghai).



Adjunct Professor, University of Alexandria (Egypt)


Adjunct Faculty Member, Mayo School of Health Sciences


Director of Client Services and Technology, Westgard QC, Inc.


MS, Computer Science (C.S Student of the year, 2003)

Pace University

BA, English and History (Academic Distinction)

University of Wisconsin-Madison